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The McGregor Palms Realty team is your trusted partner for Southwest Florida real estate. As a leading brokerage, we pride ourselves on our team of passionate and highly knowledgeable professional real estate agents. Our mission is clear: to provide our clients with unparalleled personalized service that exceeds expectations. Our REALTORS® place a strong emphasis on listening to our clients. We believe that understanding your unique needs and goals is the foundation of a successful real estate journey. This approach is central to our commitment to building and maintaining strong, trusted relationships with our valued customers.

"Our real estate team is committed to providing you with the best personalized service possible. We make understanding your unique needs our number one priority, and our team approach means you get better service and faster results."   -- Lester Alfonso (Managing Broker)

Concentrating its efforts primarily on the purchase and sale of Southwest Florida's choice waterfront and island residential properties, McGregor Palms Realty has established itself as Florida's go-to brokerage for coastal real estate. Domestic and international customers alike can count on our local market expertise to deliver results.


Stronger Together

Individual agents in real estate teams often compete among each other and are therefore reluctant to share their knowledge, at McGregor Palms Realty we take a different approach. Our philosophy is that we are stronger when working together as a united team, sharing and combining our acquired knowledge, expertise and experience to better serve our customers. Our stronger together team approach ensures that our buyers, sellers, investors and landlords get the undivided attention of multiple real estate professionals whose combined knowledge by far supersedes that of what any individual agent could provide. What ultimately matters to us all at McGregor Palms Realty is the satisfaction of our valued customers.


You are Our Most Important Asset

What good is all of our unparalleled knowledge and expertise in real estate when there are no customers. Our customers are the most important asset to our Brokerage, without our customers we are nothing. This is why we value and honor our customers above all else and proudly proclaim that “every day is customer appreciation day at McGregor Palms Realty”.

Our professional and competent REALTORS® skillfully unite some Southwest Florida's most unique properties with the distinctive lifestyles of their customers. Put the skills and energy of our seasoned real estate agents to work for you today.

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